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Project Guidelines

We want the Freelance process to be as simple and successful for both the buyer and the seller. To avoid the likelihood of any miscommunication, we have a few simple guidelines we ask buyers and sellers to adhere to, in order to ensure your project is completed without problems. These guidelines protect both the buyer and seller in the event of a dispute.

Service Buyers

Give a detailed project description

Your project description should be as detailed as possible. It is far better to have too much information than not enough. One possible way to do this is to summarize the details when you post the project description and attach a file with a clearer understanding of the scope of the job. It’s a good idea to ensure your software coders have as much prior information about the project as possible.

Additional features

If there are aspects of the work you haven’t mentioned in the project description, inform the service provider PRIOR to the start of the work.

Ask for a demo

It is best to have the service provider set up a demo before you complete the project to ensure the work functions the way you want. Once the service provider sends you the work, it could be too late to cancel the project, and you will still be expected to compensate them for their service.

Clarify payment

Prior to the start of your project, make payment arrangements with the service provide. Use the feature offered by Freelance to protect your investment.

Service Providers

Understand the project

When you place a bid on a project, you should know how you are going to complete the work before bidding. If you require further details on a project, post a private message to the buyer beforehand. Make sure you are clear about what you are bidding on before you begin the work.

Keep the buyer aware

It’s always good to keep the buyer updated on the progress of your work. This is more important if the project is over an extended period. Confusion over project could lead to frustration on the part of the buyer and seller.

Post a demo

You can guarantee the satisfaction of a buyer if you present a demo of the work you have created. The buyer can see the work before they receive it to make sure everyone is satisfied, and to make sure you receive payment for the project provided.

Clarify payment

Discuss payment with the buyer before beginning any work. Ask the buyer to place their payment into the feature offered by Freelance.

And don't rate the other party before the project is completed, you might change your mind, and the rating cannot be changed.


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